SA Champion  84kgs  HD B1:B1    ED 0:1 Crufts 2020 Qualified WHBA & Goldfields KC Puppy of the year 2019 Qualifier                          Pedigree                  

 Imported from Hungary 84kgs Grand Champion & SA Champion Crufts Qualified 2017 HD C2/D1 (1:2)  ED 0:0                          Pedigree   &n

74kgs HD A1:A1  ED 0:0     HD / ED Results

SA Champion 81kgs HD B2/C1 (1:1)  ED0:0 Crufts 2020 Qualified                     Pedigree                   &nbs

Imported from Serbia 66kgs HD A2:A2  ED 0:1 Pedigree   HD/ED Results

SA Champion ZA Winner 2019 HDB2:B1 (0:0) ED0:1  73kgs                          Pedigree                     &nb

SA Champion 78kgs HD A2:A2  ED 0:0 Pedigree

Imported from Hungary 78kgs SA Champion Reserve Best Puppy in Show Crufts Qualified 2018 HD A2:A2  Ed 0:1                         Pedigree     &

SA Champion 80.5kgs HD B1/C1 (0:1)  ED0:0   Pedigree HD / ED Results

78 kgs  


We imported Maximus del Rey Arturo from Gabriel Chagas in Uruguay.  Due to his excellent bloodlines we thought he will add value to our breeding program. His bloodlines includes: Del Saratoga, Del Castellacchio and Delle Stradone Vesuvi
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