SA Champion  81kgs  HD B1:B1/ED 0:1 Crufts 2020 Qualified WHBA & Goldfields KC Puppy of the year 2019 Qualifier   Pedigree                

  SA Champion HD C2/C2 (1: 1) ED2:2 87kgs



SA Champion 76kgs HDB1:B1 (0:0)   ED0:0  Crufts 2020 Qualifier WHBA Dog of the Year 2019 Qualifier Goldfields Dog of the Year 2019 Qualifier AWARDS   2017: August 13 B

    HD A1:A1(0:0)  ED0:0 94kgs   Pedigree   HD/ED Results          

  Imported from Hungary 78kgs SA Champion Crufts qualified 2017 HD C2/D1 (2:1)  ED0:0 Pedigree
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