Pet parents always asks if Neapolitan Mastiffs would make an excellent addition to their family. As this breed is very docile and calm, they are not too much bothered by whatever is going on around them. 

Their massive size means they need to be supervised around smaller children and babies, as they can easily knock a small kid over or step on a child accidentally. 

Neapolitan Mastiffs are an affectionate breed, so they love getting affection so if the kids are willing to love this giant puppy without teasing or aggravating them, you can have a happy family owning a Neo with kids. 

Neapolitans form a strong bond with their family members, including the children, for whom they will become fiercely protective. But they do not do well in a busy house that has a lot of noise and activity going on.

Our best advice is to visit our dogs on the farm.  Bring the entire family, Grandma included.  We will let you ineract with some of our dogs so you can experience their strength.

Do Neapolitan Mastiffs make good pets?

 Neapolitan Mastiffs make good pets?

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