Unfortunately going forward with the breed, we have to constantly improve our dogs, so unfortunately from time to time, we might have young, healthy dogs available to a loving forever home. Strict home screens will be done. 

  • We export worldwide, but unfortunately we do not export to African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana etc. due to severe neglect towards animals.   No exception here, so please do not even ask.

As we are very strict on health as well as conformation, sometimes you have to let go. Sometimes we keep a puppy, and as the puppy matures it may turn out to be not a show & breed quality puppy at a later stage, so in this case a puppy might become available at a much older age. We are only breeding our dogs for a short period of time, and although they are part of our family, it is sometimes better for them to retire with a loving family.  Once again, strict adoption rules will apply.  We also rescue and re-home all pure-bred Neapolitan Mastiffs in South Africa. We have a policy that our home-bred puppies are welcome to return back to us in case the owner's circumstances change and they can't keep them anymore. We have successfully re-homed several adults in such situations. 

Currently we have available:

Please send us an email to enquire about possible adults for sale or for adoption.







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