Unfortunately there are many "fly by night dog trainers" in SA, that in most cases never saw a Neapolitan, what 

to say about training them!!  This is a recipe for disaster. Rather make use of experienced

powerbreed trainers that have experience with the breed.


1.    The Neapolitan Mastiff is a very intelligent, dominant and strong willed breed.

2.    They needs an experienced dog owner.

3.    They should never be aggressive towards people.

4.    They are same sex aggressive dogs and needs to be raised and socialised to accept other animals.

5.     Early puppy socialization is a vital key to successfully own a well behaved Neo. That includes socialization with people, and also other dogs         and animals.

6.     A puppy must learn to travel from an early age. They are very territorial and would prefer not to go away from its home. A lot of people makes the mistake to leave a Neo pup the 1st year at home.  To try and get an one year old or even older dog to learn travelling by vehicle can be quite a mission…that is if you will manage to get your Neo into the car.  Once they learn that they return safely, and they realize that they can have a nice outing by getting in the vehicle, they will love it!

7.     We strongly advise that puppies should start as early as possible with puppy socialization classes. New owners must take great care not to take puppies to high risk area’s due to the fact that proper immunity are only accomplished after being fully vaccinated and the puppy can get sick.

8.     Neo’s that are possessive over food, toys or people, or aggressive towards people or other dogs, should be referred to a professional dog trainer and behaviorist. If such problems are not corrected at an early age, the chances are very good that the owner will soon be afraid of his own dog, and later possibly lock it away when visitors arrive.  This is fatal, as the problem will only get worst.

A matured Neo, weighing 80 kgs or more and not behaving well – is no joke to sort out.  It can be very dangerous and some training schools won’t help in such a case as they have to put other people and dogs at risk. So start early to socialise!

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