11/09/2021 - ZsaZsa and Perugia arrived safely in Thailand!!!




The Pretoria Attorney, Mr Mario Coetzee that was involved in framing

me with the false earcrop case was removed from the roll

on 13th of October 2020!!!


Beware of breeder in Ukraine:

I was recently scammed by Irina Shibaeva from Bosco Folto Kennels in the Ukraine. When i booked two puppies (Male and female) she promised in writing that i get first option on the males, and 2nd option on the females.  Two months later, without me seeing any puppies from the litter, she sold most of them. Then the pictures arrived of the puppies she want to sell to me, and it was very disappointing.  Further she changed the price for shipping the 2 puppies from 1200Usd to 3500usd. She also sold adult dogs and I asked her to rather reserve my deposit of 1300USD towards a 2 yr old female, which she refused.  Needless to say, I lost all money paid.  And she blocked me on Social media.  I was also not the only one that was scammed.  Various other well known breeders accross the world also lost money with the same kennel, during the same time it happened to me. They never received their money back or the dogs they bought!!!


Following the False ear crop case against me, here you can read

the full High Court judgement of 15 Pages in our favour at:




Netwerk24   -    12 September 2020



On the 19th of August 2020 - Winning the High Court Case against attorney Mario Coetzee (case nr.: 31884/2018)

regarding the false ear crop case against me - with cost!!!

The Honourable Judge gave a 15 page judgement all in my favour.  Justice at last after a 2,5year ordeal, costing me plenty!


DelPicasso Mojo started his journey to the USA today!


NAPC Working Puppy 2019 - DelPicasso Tonino!!!!

NAPC Reserve Best in Show - DelPicasso Tonino!!!!

We are super happy with these results!

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Winning the Court case!!!

15 August 2019

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