SA Champion   HD/ED 0:0 Crufts 2020 Qualified WHBA & Goldfields KC Puppy of the year 2019 Qualifier Pedigree         *{box-sizing: border-box;}body{margin:0;}*{box-sizing:border-b

                SA Champion HD1:1 (C2/C2) ED2:2  

Imported from Serbia Grand & Int Champion/SA Champion Kusa National Neapolitan 2017,2018 & 2019 WHBA Dog of the year 2017 Qualifier NAPC 2018 & 2018 Top Dog Qualifier

HD0:0  ED1:0 AWARDS     2015: 22 August, RBOB/Junior Group 4 2015: 10 October, RBOB/Junior Group 1    PEDI

SA Champion HD0:0  ED0:0    PEDIGREE

Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show HD0:0  ED0:0 AWARDS     2016: 20 August, Goldfields KC: Baby Puppy Group 1st 2016: 19 August, Rood

Imported USA

SA Champion HD0:0   ED0:0  Crufts 2020 Qualifier WHBA Dog of the Year 2019 Qualifier Goldfields Dog of the Year 2019 Qualifier AWARDS   2017: August 13 Best Baby Puppy in

  SA Champion Crufts Qualified 2018 HD0:0  ED0:0   Pedigree          

  Imported from Hungary SA Champion Crufts qualified 2017 HD2:1 (C2/D1)  ED0:0 Pedigree
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